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Sun, 19 Mar 2017 03:28:25 +0100

TLDR: "Trumpcare" is just as much of a contradiction as it sounds like. The richest 10% of Americans will receive tax breaks, while the poor will likely soon be unable to receive needed health care at all.

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Fri, 17 Mar 2017 20:14:37 +0100

It's official: Being on the Autism Spectrum isn't a disorder. It's certified as a strength by the highest authority there is—evolution.#autism #asd #aspergers #evolution #science #sciencesaysso #everythingyouknowiswrong

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 20:09:18 +0100

Need this.

Thu, 02 Mar 2017 17:03:56 +0100

Arrow 5x13 "Spectre of the Gun"

When will Hollywood learn to stop making "special episodes?" 'Cause, let's be honest, they're never the good kind of "special." This week, Arrow decided to "tackle" the issue of gun control—and by "tackle," of course, I mean dance around it awkwardly with extremely weak-yet-preachy arguments coming from both sides and the lead character studiously avoiding taking either side in order to prevent offending anyone in the audience. In the end, of course, he somehow manages to please both sides by penning a "firearm freedom act" that's presented as a gun control bill but also explicitly eschews any restrictions of any kind. Wait, what?

Get a clue, Hollywood: If you're not willing to risk having a real opinion, stay away from real issues. Hell, in the modern world I'm not convinced any legitimate argument can be made for why anyone should ever be allowed to own or carry a tool that exists for the sole purpose of murdering other humans (between tasers and tear gas, it's hard to justify continued use of these barbaric devices even by police). However, this is Arrow; despite its vaguely anti-1% rhetoric and this season's sudden shoehorned-in diversity, it's always been an alpha male power fantasy about violently dispatching bad guys with impunity, and it's never shied away from that core concept even when it requires "alternative facts" to support it—like the popular fiction that torture is an effective, if regrettable, interrogation technique.

As much as I would have disagreed with its stance, I would have been happier watching a less hypocritical episode where Oliver refuses to restrict access to guns despite the episode's City Hall shooting than this cowardly, toothless, milquetoast garbage that fails to address the issue in any meaningful way whatsoever.

Thu, 02 Mar 2017 16:46:44 +0100

Some Illinois residents are starting a class action suit claiming Google Photos' face scanning technology creates "biometric identifiers" without their permission, in violation of state privacy laws. If you use Google Photos yourself (as in the case of at least one plaintiff), I don't buy it: scanning and tagging is a heavily touted feature of the service, so by choosing to use it you're implicitly agreeing to it—requesting it, even. But for those whose photos have been taken by others who use the service without getting explicit permission to upload? That's a more interesting question.

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Mon, 27 Feb 2017 17:34:57 +0100

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Original Post from Craig Froehle:

We have to figure this out. Guaranteed basic income might or might not be the way to go, but something will have to replace "work" as the default mechanism by which people are permitted to attain a reasonable minimum quality of life. When automation creates 30% structural unemployment (personally, I think that will be a floor), there's no way today's approach to Western society can survive. There will be massive, violent upheaval, and we have to figure out how to avoid that before it gets that far. And I somehow doubt that massive population reductions are going to be on the table.

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 16:58:17 +0100

An interactive VR movie synchronized to a real world roller coaster ride? Fascinating.


Fri, 24 Feb 2017 01:36:11 +0100

I consider myself pretty desensitized to governmental abuse by this point, but... HOLY FUCK.

TLDR: Anyone who attends any protest in Arizona now runs the risk of the state literally stealing from them.

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Wed, 15 Feb 2017 21:32:55 +0100

Want to start a revolution? Gather just 3.5% of a nation's populace in non-violent protest, and your cause will be twice as likely to succeed as a violent coup.#politics #civildisobedience #pacifism #notmypresident #resist

Original Post from Kevin C. (KevinC):

Whoa, this is pretty interesting!

Mon, 06 Feb 2017 02:51:11 +0100

3% of the population may be all it takes to transform a society... But what happens when you have multiple 3% groups working at cross-purposes?