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So true...

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Ah, the death throws of the traditional media dinosaur continue...

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A sane take on the potential rise of AI.


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Original Post from Wayne Radinsky:

Parable of the Polygons: a playable blog post on the shape of society. A small individual bias in polygons leads to a large collective bias. A segregated map of polygons will stay segregated, even if you lower the bias to 0. In order for a segregated map of polygons to de-segregate, not only does bias have to be lowered to zero but there needs to be a polygon diversity-seeking bias in the opposite direction.

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Apparently a security restriction introduced in PHP 5.3 limits the number of menu items you can have in +WordPress, and causes any items in excess to silently and mysteriously vanish. +Chris Mavricos details the issue in the article below, and has taken an important first step by writing a plugin that displays a warning when you're approaching the maximum number of menu items. As he points out in his article, however, since you have to install a plugin, this only helps people who already know about the problem.

This feature needs to be incorporated into WordPress Core. How do we make that happen?

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Why do I get the feeling the first holograms will be made of corn flour?

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No idea how accurate this is, but it's definitely a fascinating theory. #science #music #evolution  

Original Post from Emlyn O'Regan:

This is a post about a summary on Quora of a book. This is from the summary:

OK, brace yourself. Here come the facts:

When our ancestors [1] first moved from the forest to the savannah, we were not yet capable of making tools. But early hominid evolution tended away from a physiology that would have helped us hunt and/or defend ourselves from predators. Our canine teeth receded, we became slower and weaker, and we didn't develop tough skin (in fact the opposite).Lion evolution and migration seems to have mirrored early hominid patterns, both spatiotemporally and (in some ways) behaviorally and morphologically. Lions, for example, are the only social species of cat.Humans are the only ground-dwelling species that sings. There are over 4000 singing species -- mostly birds, but also gibbons, dolphins, whales, and seals. But they all sing from water or the trees. When a bird lands on the ground, it invariably stops singing.Of all singing creatures, humans are the only ones who use rhythm.When we sing, we almost always dance, even if it's just nodding along or tapping a foot. Both singing and dancing (whether together or separate) are group activities used across the world in tribal bonding rituals. Isolated ethnic groups have remarkably similar styles of song and dance.Rhythmic chanting and dancing induce trance states.Early hominids quite possibly ate their dead, and (some while later) definitely started burying them. The instinct to preserve a dead human body from mutilation, and then to dispose of it, is fairly universal. E.g. we strive to retrieve corpses even from a battlefield.
I hope you are intrigued. Each of these facts is hard to explain even in isolation. So a theory that can unify and account for all of them will have to be either profound or crazy -- or both.

At this point I'm going to present Jordania's theory as clearly and comprehensively as I can. I'll interpolate a bit and add my own explanatory flare, but the ideas come straight out of his book.

The book appears to be unobtanium, but google and you'll find a pdf.

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Internet Censorship Bill Returns: Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The forces of evil have gathered, the Internet is under siege, censorship, corporate greed, yadda yadda... You know the drill by now. Just click and sign.

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Original Post from Christine C.:

This is probably the shortest Subnormality I've ever seen, and yet it is just as thought provoking as the usual "too many words." Possibly more so, at least for me, since I watched Good Will Hunting for the first time tonight. It's made for an interesting theme for this evening.