Isle of Maya


February 11th, 2000: Added the remaining episodes of Death of a Rogue plus the first episode of a new chapter (From The Depths — Part 1), and numbered all the chapters; added a page for the new character Lyet Kaobe.

January 28th, 2000: The first four episodes of a new adventure have been added, as well as pages on Tali and Tiero Silverbrand and Baron Josef mac Liam, plus brief info on most of Val's family has been added to the People page.

September 24th, 1999: Added more information on most of the Gods, a whole new adventure, updated Aideen's info and added a page for the new character Remir, plus a couple minor cosmetic changes and HTML sanity fixes.


The Isle of Maya is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaign I started in early November of 1998. It's my first campaign, so to keep things simple I set it on a small group of isolated islands, where the player characters are members of the elite Isle Guard. This simplifies the introduction of new adventures (the missions they're assigned to), new PCs (new Guards assigned to their group), and easily explains why the group is together.

One of my goals with this campaign will be to try out different playing styles and rules tweaks to find out what I can work best with, and hopefully I'll be able to improve my Dungeon Mastering skills in the process. In other words, my players double as guinea pigs. *grin*

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